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4 out of 21 million bitcoin have been lost forever due to the loss of private keys, forgotten passwords, theft or fraud.

If you leave bitcoin on exchanges, they are not yours. If you use a bitcoin wallet with a single key, losing that key means losing all your bitcoin.

Nunchuk is the safest self-custody solution for your bitcoin

No single points of failure

Most exchanges are single points of failure. Single-key wallets are single points of failure. Protect your bitcoin with multiple keys: at least two keys are required for spending. The loss of any one key will not compromise your funds.

Never manage your bitcoin alone​

You, too, could be a single point of failure. Nunchuk boosts your bitcoin defense through collaborative custody. Co-manage your bitcoin with your trusted ones.

Ours is the first and only multi-user custody solution. Communicate and transact. All in one place.

Privacy is a must

The more people involved, the higher the risk of data leaks. Nunchuk’s end-to-end-encryption (E2EE) ensures that all your communication and transactions stay within your group. No one else can know. Not even Nunchuk.


You own all the data​

Nunchuk is not a single point of failure. All data is stored on your local devices. With the provided backup, your wallet could be safely recovered anytime, anywhere. You have complete control over your keys, your funds, your data.

We go the extra mile to build the safest and most seamless bitcoin wallet

Multi-device sync

Nunchuk is the only Bitcoin wallet that allows you to manage your bitcoin securely from multiple devices.

Native applications

We take no shortcuts when it comes to security. Native applications take longer to develop but are significantly more secure than non-native ones because they have a smaller attack surface.

Air-gapped signing

Keep your keys completely disconnected from the Internet with air-gapped mode.

Software key

No hardware keys? No problem. Just use Nunchuk software keys.

Personal blockchain server

Validate your own transactions. Nunchuk makes it super easy to pair your wallet with a personal full node, be it Electrum or Bitcoin Core (optionally over Tor).


Want advanced smart contract capabilities? Nunchuk reuses Bitcoin Core code directly and is designed to be easily extensible. Reach out if you have a feature request!

All major hardware supported

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* The Nunchuk app is still in beta.
** Visit our open source repository.
*** Instructions for signed builds and Linux.

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